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Always on. Never far. Through Guardsman Alarms’ 24-hour monitoring and response services for businesses, homes, and on the road, we ensure that you are protected anywhere, anytime.

Previously Brinks Alarms Limited, we’ve been serving Jamaica for over 19 years. Our innovation is our most valuable asset: we were the first security company to establish a central alarm station which receives all our clients’ calls and signals, setting the precedent other companies now follow.

We are committed to customer security and comfort. Our services aim to provide a 24-hour halo of protection: in addition to designing, installing and maintaining monitoring and alarm systems, we also provide vehicle tracking and fleet management services. Our expertly staffed central alarm station can mobilize an armed response team into action within minutes.

Our communications system is also second to none. Through the Group’s establishment of Clearchannel Communications Limited in 1989, we have been able to utilize a leading-edge, island-wide radio communications system which has significantly enhanced our swiftness and effectiveness.

With a head office in Kingston and branches located in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Mandeville, we can safely reassure Jamaicans island-wide that they are always protected—and never alone.