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Guardsman Barbados

Our Mission Statement

To provide our clients with the highest possible quality of service delivered with professionalism, integrity and at competitive prices.
Guardsman (Barbados) Limited is a member of the Guardsman Group of Companies, which was started in 1977 in Jamaica, in response to the growing need for high quality security services.

The focus of our company is, to deliver to our clients, service of the highest calibre. We deploy trained security officers to protect our clients and their assets. Then, we supervise them. Training and supervision are the keys to high quality service and professionalism.

Guardsman (Barbados) Limited is determined to improve the delivery of private security services in Barbados. We will achieve this by:

  • Careful selection and training of personnel,
  • Rigorous enforcement of high standards,
  • Our resolve to meet the needs of our clients,
  • The introduction and application of innovative solutions to (manage the risks involved in protecting our clients' assets)
  • Drawing on the depth of experience within the Guardsman Group,
  • Being true business partners with our clients.


The Guardsman Group has wide experience in providing a range of security services, and brings to Barbados the following:

  • Guarding Service
  • Cash-In-Transit Service
  • It is our intention to introduce additional security services as we expand.

Advantages of using Guardsman services

  • Our security officers are highly trained.
  • Management has a wealth of experience.
  • All resources of the Guardsman Group are placed at the clients' disposal, should the need arise.
  • Security packages are tailored to meet the individual needs of each
  • client.
  • Personnel-related problems and responsibilities are eliminated, as the security officers are not in the client's employ.
  • Clients have access to our managers 24 hours per day.

The decision to retain the services of a security organization is a serious one, and not one to be taken lightly. A security provider should not be selected based solely on cost. The more informed the decision-maker is, the less likely is their decision to be flawed.

Security is about being safe, knowing that the people, whom you have entrusted to provide protection for you and your assets, will perform beyond your expectations.

We at Guardsman Barbados are committed to giving you the client excellent service.



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  • Bank of Nova Scotia

Security, by Guardsman standards, means the effective protection of life and property. The steps toward achieving this goal must therefore be logical and carefully taken.

Our screening methods are rigorous and represent a major investment in our human resources. This is fundamental to achieving success.

In order to achieve and maintain our operating standards, Guardsman's screening process begins even before applicants are selected for training. The background of each applicant is thoroughly investigated and previous employers are contacted for information verification and character reference.

Guardsman prides itself on the standard of personnel within its ranks. We believe that being a security officer is an honourable occupation that should be held in high regard. We reward our officers at a level above the norm for the industry. This serves to attract a higher calibre of individual to our organization.

Our candidates are drawn from ex-BDF personnel and Secondary School graduates in the majority of cases. They must complete a comprehensive application process to a satisfactory standard. This includes a written exam. They must be in good health. Each individual is required to provide a recent police certificate.

As trainees they must complete a minimum of 40 hours of intensive in-house training. Upon successful completion of this, they are employed.

Our security officers go through rigorous, intensive training, and it is this high level of training that differentiates our officers from those of other companies. The training programme has been developed to keep our officers up-to-date with the latest techniques and philosophies within the industry. Candidates are constantly evaluated. Those who fall short of our standards are withdrawn and terminated.

Each candidate undergoes a minimum of 40 hours of basic training prior to deployment. The syllabus includes, but is not limited to:

  • Code of ethics
  • Access control
  • Searches
  • Report writing
  • Use of force
  • Handling emergencies
  • Client and customer relations
  • Client specific training where necessary.

Our training equips our personnel with the ability to handle most situations that may arise on location. We adequately prepare our officers to be able to handle diverse deployments, for example hotel, residential, commercial, or industrial sites.

Likewise, there is careful selection and training of persons for armed duties. These are selected from among those who have proven themselves to be most responsible, reliable and trustworthy.

All officers who are hand picked for cash-in-transit duties undergo a physiological evaluation. Their intensive firearm training includes target practice, as part of their proficiency test. Similarly, persons with firearm experience prior to joining Guardsman must satisfy the Company that they are of the calibre required to carry the Company's firearms.

Those individuals selected to take on the responsibility of supervisors go through a special supervisor-training course. The syllabus includes but is not limited to:

  • Principles of leadership
  • Motivation
  • Location surveys
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Problem solving
  • Investigation

Security personnel and systems are only as good as the management and supervision, which support them. At Guardsman, supervisors monitor each and every location, providing 24-hour support. Supervisors liaise with our clients in order to discern their requirements.

The policy of the company is to promote from within, and so our supervisory cadre is made up of individuals who usually already have experience of the high standards we demand, the way we achieve these, and the expectations of our clients.

We employ a tiered system of supervision. It begins with the immediate supervision that is to be found at the client location, extending through to the visiting supervisors, then upward to management and beyond.
•    LOCATION SUPERVISORS - These are Senior Officers assigned to specific locations as agreed with the clients. They are responsible for the general supervision of the guards on location, maintaining discipline and the morale of the officers, while ensuring efficient service delivery to the clients. They serve as the first link between the client and Guardsman.
•    MOBILE SUPERVISORS - These are field supervisors charged with visiting the locations to confirm that our clients are receiving the service they require and have contracted for.
•    OPERATIONS SUPERVISOR - This individual is the senior operations person in the field, and oversees all the day-to-day operations. This person has the sheet-anchor role to play in service delivery. Among the responsibilities of this individual are rostering, welfare and discipline, being key ingredients in the business of top quality service delivery. This person also serves as a direct liaison between the client and the company.
•    MANAGEMENT - Managers are carefully selected individuals who must anticipate and see to the needs of all our clients and our staff. They are a highly motivated team determined to deliver the highest quality private security service in Barbados. They ensure smooth service delivery and consistent performance.
•    GUARDSMAN GROUP - In dedicated support of the operation, the vast experience of the entire Guardsman Group in Jamaica, St. Vincent and St. Lucia may be drawn upon, at any time, to any degree.


Kenneth Benjamin - (Executive Chairman & Founder)
Valerie Juggan-Brown - Group Managing Director
Lt. Commander George Overton - Group Operations Director
Vinay Walia - Group Financial Director