This we believe: safety is a right. The most productive societies are secure, prepared, and populated by citizens free to focus on bettering themselves rather than protecting themselves.

Guardsman Group Limited began with founder Kenneth Benjamin’s passion for training canines. For years, he nurtured the strength and intelligence innate to these animals, employing them to protect his family and his property. But he recognized that his motivation for safety was in fact a far-reaching need.

Today, Guardsman Group Limited has 13 companies, over 7,000 dedicated employees, and provides world-class security to citizens across the Caribbean region. Our canine training unit is second to none, and now part of our much-expanded operations. We offer everything from data security systems and armed bodyguards to GPS tracking and air courier solutions.

Further extensions of the brand include services in personal fitness, farming, landscaping and pest management.

Finally, a commitment to the value of human life has led Guardsman Group Limited to develop culture and community. We revitalized the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, actively sponsor homes for children and the aged and continually patronize the arts.

Guardsman Group Limited stands on 30 years of experience, unmatched technical prowess and the unbending belief in the right of safety for all.