A Solutions Company

In 1977, Kenny Benjamin turned his love for dog training and breeding into a business opportunity and essential service for his peers. The idea was hatched from an upsetting experience: Benjamin had rented his canines to security providers who lacked their own guard dogs, but was appalled by how badly they were being treated. Motivated by this, he found a solution: “I decided that I would hire my own handlers and see if we could get a few contracts to provide canine patrol ourselves, which we did very quickly. Then it just grew and grew.”

He had been working as an accountant, but in that year, succeeded in making his passion his profession. Between then and now, Guardsman Group has evolved from a one-man outfit with four dogs into a conglomerate that employs over 7,000 people across the region.

Starting a Revolution

Technology has helped to evolve the company from a startup to a conglomerate: “As a group, we have revolutionized the way security services are provided in Jamaica and the Caribbean,” Benjamin said. Now regarded as a private security pioneer, the Guardsman Group has formed the foundation upon which other companies rely. “We were the first to establish a central control station and an armed response team,” Benjamin explained.

Strength in Numbers

Drawing upon diverse skills and assets across each of our units and regions, Guardsman satisfies the evolving needs of our clients. Combined with the heft and all-island reach of one of the country’s largest security legions, Benjamin’s vision has seen the company evolve into a force unparalleled in strength and expertise. “In this business,” he emphasizes, “the bigger you are, the better.”

Building a Community

Size notwithstanding, a security company cannot effectively care for its clients if it does not first respect the needs of its staff. Benjamin agrees. From ensuring that staff have access to a private health clinic, to providing their children with scholarships for higher education, the Group has gone to great lengths to ensure its team’s holistic well-being.

Guardsman treats its outer community similarly, and is constantly striving for ways to create positive change within its society. Through initiating environmental beautification schemes, assisting schools and homes for the aged, and patronizing the arts, Benjamin and his team continually demonstrate their high regard for culture and country.

Mission Achieved

From its humble beginnings, the Guardsman Group has tread long and far. With subsidiaries across the Eastern Caribbean, and extensions of the brand established in personal fitness, farming, landscaping and pest management, Guardsman has become adept at analyzing problems and providing quality solutions.

“We’ve actually set the standard in every aspect of the security service,” Benjamin firmly states, “and we’re going to keep it that way.”