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Hon. Kenneth S. Benjamin, OJ, CD, LLD (HON), JP

Executive Chairman

In the field of private security, Kenneth Benjamin is a pioneer.
Previously an accountant, he started the Guardsman Group in 1977 with the establishment of Guardsman Limited. He has since expanded the conglomerate to include 13 companies—each regarded as a leader of their specialized field.

Benjamin has been instrumental in establishing the foundation upon which other security providers have built. In 1993, he was appointed to a committee responsible for ensuring that the Private Security Regulation Authority Act was implemented and adhered to—and was re-appointed to this position in 2002.

Benjamin has received several awards for his contribution to the industry, including the prestigious Order of Distinction, Commander Class (2006). He is known for his dedication to quality, innovation, and his clients.


Vinay Walia

Group Managing Director

Vinay Walia considers the Guardsman Group his life.

Born in India, Walia built a career in accounting there. After working for several reputable firms, he decided to take a chance by migrating to Jamaica in 1995. Four years afterwards, he was hired as Financial Controller of the Group, and was shortly promoted to the position of Group Finance Director.

Presently, Walia serves as the Guardsman Group’s Managing Director, where he combines his strategic thinking and unparalleled dedication to ensure that the Guardsman Group achieves progress. He is motivated by the enormous potential of his adopted homeland—which he believes is hindered by its high level of violence.

A Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA), Walia also holds a BComm from Delhi University.


Valerie Juggan-Brown


Valerie Juggan-Brown is as passionate about learning as she is about people.

She received training at the University of Technology (then CAST), before completing professional studies in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the Carl Duisberg Gessellschaft in Munich, Germany.

Seeking to refine her skill in the field of business, she sought instruction in Human Resource Management and Business Administration at the Universities of California, Berkley and New Orleans respectively.

Valerie Brown is proud to be a woman in an industry ruled by men, and sees effective management as ruled by compassion and respect.


Sheila Benjamin McNeill

Group Director – Public Relations and Advertising

Originally hailing from India, Sheila Benjamin McNeill ventured to Jamaica upon her brother’s encouragement, where she pursued a BSc in Graphic Art at the Edna Manley College.

In 1989, she joined the Guardsman Group as its Marketing Manager. Her ease in adopting skills in public relations, advertising and business administration soon earned her a position as a Group Director and Managing Director of Nature’s Paradise Ltd, Gymkhana Ltd, Guardsman Group Medical Services Ltd and Guardsman Farms Ltd.

From ensuring uniform consistency to maintaining brand equity, Benjamin McNeill is responsible for the communication efforts of each company within the Group. She takes pride in contributing to a brand which—partly through her efforts—has become synonymous with reliability and integrity.


Lieutenant Commander George Overton

Group Director – Communication and Quality Control

Lieutenant Commander George Overton’s wealth of experience in both private and national security has rendered him one of the Group’s most valuable assets.

Prior to joining the company, he served in the Jamaica Defence Force. There, he received training as a military officer in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America. After his years of military service, Overton became an Aide-de-Camp to the Governor General of Jamaica.

Overton continues to serve his country through his role as a member of the Transport board of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Additionally, he is a former President of the Jamaica Society for Industrial Security.


Neil Robinson

Group Director – Finance

Exceedingly meticulous, Neil Robinson believes that things are not worth doing unless they are done properly.

A holder of an MBA from Manchester Business School, he is a Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA, FCA), a Certified Information Systems Auditor, and holds a BSc (Hons.) in Management Studies from the University of the West Indies.

His passion for safety arises from a genuine concern for people—and it is this caring approach that guides his interaction with clients and staff.


André McLean

Group Director – Operations and Technology

Andre McLean thrives best in challenging environments.Earlier on in McLean’s life, he represented Jamaica as a national volleyball player, junior national basketball player, and junior national chess champion.

Today, he brings this determination and perseverance to his position in the Guardsman Group and believes that teamwork and effective leadership are the main keys to success.

McLean is currently a Chartered Certified Accountant and holds an MBA in Banking and Finance at the University of the West Indies, from which he also holds a BSc in Management Studies and Accounts.

Rene¦üe Menzies-McCallum_Armd

Renée Menzies-McCallum

Group Director – Sales

Initially hired as an Area Manager for Brink’s Jamaica, Renée credits her team for their support which has fuelled the company’s growth and her success. She is committed to her staff and to ensuring that each one returns home safely every night.

She holds an EMBA with an Award of Academic Excellence from Florida International University and a BA (Hons.) in English and Criminology from the University of Toronto. She continues to hone her skills by attending several executive education courses at Duke and other universities.

She is the President of IACOA (Independent Armoured Car Operators Association, USA) and also a Group Director.


Suzie Benjamin

General Manager – I.T.

Suzie Benjamin takes pride in her critical, organizational and people skills.

She is responsible for maintaining the Guardsman Group’s IT infrastructure, which sees her ensuring that all computers are running, that all equipment is functional, and that the links between all offices across the island are sound.

A former Jamaica Scholar, Benjamin gained a BMath in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.

Suzie’s value arises from her ability to analyze a business problem and implement an effective IT solution—which results in better service to the clients of the Guardsman Group.


Damian Blair

General Manager, Risk and Compliance

Damian Blair first entered the profession of auditing in 1999. After being asked to prepare reports on the risks and issues related to physical security, he began to develop a passion for the field.

A proud Jamaican, Blair most values his ability to stay calm under pressure. He is a Certified Internal Auditor and a Certified Information Systems Auditor, and has achieved Certification in Risk Management Assurance. He has achieved a BA in Management and Accounting and an MSc in Computer-Based Management Information Systems from the University of the West Indies.

He is proud to be a part of an organization that allows him to audit what he loves and improve on the services it provides.