Cash Management

Cash Management

Guardsman Armoured provides a wealth of cash management services for the benefit of your business. Browse our featured solutions below, get in touch, or request a quote now.

guardsman armoured truck inside large hall with security guards approaching it

ATM Management

Guardsman Armoured is the largest provider of offsite ATM Management services in Jamaica. We deployed the first ATM in Jamaica in 1998, and now manage over 350 ATMs for 8 financial institutions. Those numbers reflect just about 60% of all ATMs on the island.

Our ATM response services are provided 8am-8pm, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year including on holidays.

Cash Logistics

Guardsman Armoured does much more than just transport money. Through adept cash logistics services, we: monitor it, manage it, and keep it safe.

We have a fleet of 75 trucks, and our over 500 expertly trained staff provides more detail, better controls and greater efficiency than anyone else in the marketplace. Additionally, our management reporting functions give clients the ability to project cash intake prior to arrival.

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guardsman armoured truck with officers exiting with cash to the bank of Jamaica

Lodgement Consolidation

We collect deposits at multiple locations and consolidates each one into a single lodgment. Our clients are provided with detailed breakdowns for every location processed.

Smart Safe

Smart safes, (much like intelligent ATMs), read cash as it is entered and provide a running total and receipt, while securing the funds in an insured safe. Smart Safes effectively remove the need for late night cashiers and multiple recounts of cash at the end of a day.

The contents of the safe are monitored electronically and client files updated accordingly. Guardsman Armoured collects the contents of the safe and transfers the verified cash without discrepancies, to client bank accounts.

smart safe on the floor at the end of a hallway