Close Protection & Investigation

Close Protection & Investigation

Guardsman provides several close protection and investigation options for your residential requirements. Browse our featured solutions below, get in touch, or request a quote now.

Close Protection

Be prepared, anytime, anywhere with around-the-clock security. Our elite teams of highly skilled professionals are trained to handle the needs of senior diplomats, politicians, corporate executives, athletes, entertainers and more.

Our close protection service incorporates intelligence gathering, threat assessment, reconnaissance, transportation logistics and the latest technology. Prevent unsafe encounters before they happen.

bodyguard keeping watch on his client from backstage at a show
completed background check report on desk with smartphone and pen

Background Checks

People don’t always tell the truth. Unfortunately, some will make false claims on their CVs and misrepresent their past. It is essential to properly vet anyone you hire, promote or include in your inner circle.

Polygraph Examinations

When the stakes are high, raise the bar on the process. Our confidential and efficient polygraph exam will bring you closer to the truth. Polygraph examinations can be used in a range of circumstances:

  • A current employee in an internal disciplinary matter
  • Pre-screening a potential employee
  • Vetting candidates before promoting them to sensitive positions
  • Defending your integrity.
man sitting with polygraph fittings attached, undergoing polygraph examination
man with binoculars and camera keeping track of someone

Covert Surveillance

Find out what you need to know in the most discreet way possible. Utilizing the latest technology, we will provide the surveillance solution you require.

Security Surveys and Audits

The experts at Guardsman Elite are extensively experienced in conducting security surveys, location audits and personal security reviews to identify places for improvement.

completed security audit report on laptop